Gary started his career with the U.S. Army and served in Desert Storm. Upon completion of his tours of duty, he was then recruited by a security contractor firm to conduct clandestine operations for a number of years. He is now Director of Operations for an IT company in Northern VA.

He’s not all there, but doing alright.

Born into a violent childhood, Gary was always seeking refuge somewhere. This led him to join the military and was assigned to the 101st Airborne. Serving in Desert Storm, he was then recruited by a security contract company. Gary performed clandestine missions overseas for a number of years, but finally settled down. He has been a martial arts/self-defense instructor for twelve years.  When not working, he spends time with his wife Wendy and their three kids; Carly, Noah and their boxer Mingo. Gary lives with his family in central Maryland.

Gary loves horror movies and has always been a big fan of zombie movies. He loves the traditional horror genre, but felt that books should hold something more. Drama, love, struggle, friendship, and other traits that ought to be included in horror, along with the gore and suspense. Gary believes that horror can be all those things and still scare the hell out of you.

Gary stated, “I subscribe to the theory that people use horror as an extension of their emotions. Basically, if they feel slighted or wronged (bullied maybe), they can project their feelings into the story and when someone who “has it coming” gets killed graphically, I think there is a bit of personal satisfaction achieved.”

His next book will be The Light Reapers – Book 2, which he has a third written so far. After that, Gary will switch it up and will work on a book about the prostitutes during 1880’s London, during the time of Jack the Ripper. The story will be much different than what people might expect.

Gary has narrated a number of books that are available on Audible. He hosts a weekly show on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that averages over 5k viewers a week, worldwide.